It All Begins With You…

April 2011
The Co-Founders of Charity Begins visited a school supported by the Friends of the Maya Foundation in Puerto Aventuras Mexico. The school, "Transformar Educado" was in desperate need of school supplies and Spanish/English dictionaries.

November 2010
Charity Begins is pitching in to help Development Network Provider  (DNP) continue it's great work in Sierra Leone. In November we hosted a fundraiser at our home to help get a container of necessities to this ravaged country. Thanks to Ethleen Thomas who created delicous and authentic Sierra Leone food, we were able to raise over $1,000 to give to DNP for their next delivery.

October 2010
A delivery was made to Casa Grande in Lencois, Brazil. The bag took an interesting route from an Annapolis hair dresser to a wedding in Baltimore to elsewhere in the U.S. before eventually starting it's journey to Brazil. We trust that the kids who received these clothes will appreciate the effort!

October 2010
Two bags of hygiene items were delivered, by special request, to Kenya. The recipient of the supplies is SHOFCO  (Shining Hope for Community) in the slums of Kibera. Thank you Carol for acquiring the items and making the delivery from North Carolina.

May 2010
By connecting the dots between NYC, Dallas, Annapolis, Crofton and Tanzania we were able to pull together a delivery of school books and reading books for Shepherds Junior School in Arusha, Tanzania. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in this delivery including Cynthia (TX), Lisa (MD), Linda (MD), Jessica (MD), Sanjay (NYC) and Mama Lucy Kamptoni who will put the books in the hands of those who need them most in Tanzania.

April 2010
A repeat traveler for Charity Begins is delivering a bag of Arts & Crafts supplies to a non-profit in Buenos Aires.

March 2010
Fate connected us with a group from Sierra Leone who are heading back to build their non-profit. We met them in our local supermarket - while waiting in the checkout line. Now, they are fully stocked with children's clothes, books, shoes, utensils, and other necessities to help them kick-start the "Development Network Provider" LLC in Freetown, Sierra Leone. We are all hopeful that this is just the first of many deliveries to their charity in West Africa.

November 2009
Two travelers are heading to Peru from Chicago and have generously agreed to pull together bags of necessities for Bruce Peru in Lima. Thank you

January 2010
Three recent college graduates from Ottawa, Canada, are kicking-off their 4-month long journey through S.E. Asia with a generous delivery to the Christina Noble Children's Foundation in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Since Charity Begins does not have the funding to ship to Canada, the grads are pulling together their own bags of necessities. Charity Begins is working on a way to get them a few extra bags of necessities on their very brief stop-over in New York City on January 5th.

July 2009
Several bags of necessities including children's clothes, shoes and soccer balls were delivered to the Maleku tribe in Costa Rica through IVI Destination Management. The travelers, including the co-founders of Charity Begins, were met at the airport to make the delivery.

June 2009
The co-founders of Charity Begins recently delivered an overflowing bag of soccer balls to Pinelands Creative Workshop (PCW) in Barbados.  PCW started a program which trains children in soccer before the age of ten, PCW is now expanding its model to six low income communities. 

April 2009
If there was an award for "Most Deliveries" a couple out of Maryland would easily win the prize! For their recent trip to Mexico, Charity Begins connected with IVI Destination Management to identify a local non-profit in need of school and arts/crafts supplies. IVI identified Casa de Asistencia Temporal (House of Temporary Care) which is a temporary shelter for kids who have been abused or whose parents won't care for them anymore. IVI met the travelers at their hotel and delivered the supplies to the kids.

February 2009 
A traveler went to Delhi India for a wedding and brought along a bag of clothes for the children of Deepalaya (the largest NGO in Delhi) as well as some soccer balls which were recently donated to Charity Begins.

January 2009
Charity Begins was thrilled to kick-off the New Year with the help of Spatrek (  SpaTrek graciously connected us with a traveler visiting Vietnam. The traveler, out of New York City, brought supplies to Hanoi for the Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HSCV). HSCV is dedicated to serving orphans, homeless children and other children in need in Vietnam. 

December 2008
An amazing and generous family delivered four bags of necessities to the Green Pond High School in Jamaica. The bag contents were aimed at helping the school improve literacy and included a full set of encyclopedias. The family took time out of their vacation to visit the school and meet with some of the administrators, teachers and students. 

December 2008
One bag can go a long way! A fourty pound bag of onesies was delivered in Lima to two organizations where baby onesies are a commodity and always in high demand. Hacha Mama and Arriba Ya are both projects aimed at helping the world's poorest urban women.

October 2008
Two travelers are taking a bag of necessities with them as they begin their around-the-world trip in Nicaragua. The donations will be delivered to Si A La Vida, a non-profit which rescues children from the dangers and hopelessness of life on the streets of Managua.

September 2008
A traveler out of San Francisco bought and brought supplies to Kathmandu, Nepal. Charity Begins was the conduit between the traveler and the local organization in Nepal. Since Charity Begins doesn't have the funds to ship supplies to California, this traveler purchased the supplies himself. The photos say it all. Thank you Lucero (CA) and Shiva (Nepal).

August 2008
A bag of shoes and clothes were hand delivered to Grace Outreach Church in Ghana. The church runs an orphanage where the supplies were welcomed with open arms. 

May 2008
Charity Begins made a second delivery of children's clothes and babies clothes to Foundacion Diarq in Mexico City. The Foundation is dedicated to protecting women and children from domestic violence.

March 2008
Bruce Ecuador, a non-profit based in Quito, Ecuador received children's clothes and shoes in
early March. Bruce Ecuador helps "at risk" children receive an education.  

February 2008
Two heroic travelers traveled to Kenya and delivered children's clothes and shoes to a non-profit based in the Kibera slums. If you've been watching the news you know that Kenya has been wracked with violence since the disputed December presidential poll and many of the slums have been set on fire in the unrest.

February 2008
Charity Begins kicked-off the New Year with a special delivery to Shelter Don Bosco in Mumbai, India. The shelter has been rescuing children from the streets of Mumbai since 1987.

December 2007
Children's clothes, women's clothes, and shoes were delivered to the Thailand/Myanmar border to assist the thousands of people seeking the relative safety of refugee camps.  

November 2007
Charity Begins delivered children's clothes and babies clothes to Foundacion Diarq in Mexico City.

August 2007
Delivery of two cases of shoes to several charities in Brazil.

May 2007
Delivery of school supplies to Amani Children's Home, a residence for orphans and street children in Tanzania.

April 2007
Delivery of assorted supplies to Kibera Community Youth Program in Nairobi. KCYP is a community based program aimed at empowering young people with a sense of social responsibility.

April 2007
Delivery of school supplies to in Lima, Peru.  

March 2007 Coordinated the delivery of 100 pairs of boots to a porter's union in Nepal. 

November 2006 Delivery of 50 pairs of new children's shoes to a non-profit in Lima, Peru.