Charity Begins With Thank You

All over the globe there are people imagining and building a better world. People striving to help themselves or strangers live free and dignified lives. From grassroots organizations like Laligurans Women’s Skill Center and UNITRAV in Nepal, to Lutheran World Relief which helps thousands of people in over 35 countries, there are millions of non-profits and numerous ways to help. Below is a list of non-profit organizations I've either met with, volunteered for, or worked with in the past few years. Please take a look and get involved. They are all worthwhile organizations using their resources, big and small, to make the world a better place.

The Himalayan Project
The Himalayan Project is helping to raise critical support for the expansion of one of only two schools in the Everest region that go through grade ten.  Other major goals have been to fund a school library with Nepali, Tibetan and English books and to initiate a scholarship fund for village children whose families cannot afford the $10-$20 per month that it costs to send a child to school. 

Development Network Provider
DNP strives to improve the lives of people living in Sierra Leone.  It primarily focuses on education including the building of schools and child sponsorships for education. It also focuses on sanitation, health care, food, rehabilitating roads, and projects focused on benefiting the well being of Sierra Leoneans.  

Children of Vietnam
Children of Vietnam is a non-political, humanitarian organization founded in 1998 for the sole purpose of providing direct aid to the poor and homeless children in the Da Nang area of Vietnam.

The Friends of Cambodian Child's Dream Organization
The children in the rural area of Siem Reap have nothing but dreams. They are the future of the country and clean water and education are imperative as a basic human necessity. Today, the Friends of Cambodian Child's Dream Org. has a thriving NGO in Siem Reap and has adopted an orphanage and three schools as well as building hundreds of water wells and two libraries. It costs $220 to build a water well that is assured to be free from contaminates and is guaranteed for 8- 10 years.

Friends of the Maya Foundation 
The Friends of the Maya Foundation delivers immediate and lasting improvements to the World of the Maya Communities.

Soles 4 Souls
One simple mission: to impact as many lives as possible with the gift of shoes. You can help in many ways: donating your own shoes, donating cash for freight, hosting a shoe drive, or even donating your time as a volunteer.

The “Union of Trekking Travels Rafting workers Nepal” (UNITRAV) is a trade union of those working in the trekking sector, such as guides and porters, as well as many others in the travel, rafting, airlines and cargo sectors in Nepal. It is the only registered trade union which is actively working to achieve higher standards of welfare, employee rights and social respect on behalf of all of these workers.

We couldn't do it without you. Thank you to these supporters of who donated their time, money, and supplies to our organization. 

Freelance Designer - Special thanks to our very generous and talented designer from Holland, Ozkan, who created our new mascot and logo.

The Museum of Natural History - Thank you for the donation of toothpaste which swifly moved out of our warehouse and is being delivered, along with donated toothbrushes and other essentials, to Shelter Don Bosco in Mumbai.  

Holiday Donations - Thank you to the numerous invididuals who donated money to Charity Begins during the holiday season. Since all deliveries are via vacationers, business travelers, backpackers, and other independent travelers, the cost of shipping is eliminated and 100% of every dollar goes to helping people living in poverty. THANK YOU! - Soles4Souls launched the idea of by offering to donate shoes to the first Charity Begins trip to Peru, and then continued to support our initiatives with donations for other travellers. has now donated 800 pairs of shoes to! This bulk donation allows us to shorten our turn-around time for travellers and help more people around the world. Thanks you Soles4Souls for you generosity! 

The New York Public Library - Thanks to the New York Public Library (Columbus Branch in New York City) we now have a supply of children's books and foreign language books ready for distribution. 
The Cottage, Monroe, NY - The Cottage has kindly donated lightly used children's clothes to These clothes have been earmarked for an upcoming trip to Haiti, but the stockpile keeps growing. With more travellers calling us every day - not a single piece of clothing will go unused. Thank you "The Cottage"! 

School Supply Donations - Thank you to the numerous individuals who have ordered supplies from our wish list. These school supplies are always well received and allow students in developing countries to have the gift of education. 

Millersville Elementary School and Hammond Elementary School - Thank you for the incredible donations of school books and teaching supplies. We received, in total, over 40 boxes of supplies from these schools and would have taken more if we had a bigger van and a larger storage shed. Thank you for your overwhelming generosity. These items were in such high demand that the warehouse is already empty!

And, a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the travelers who have contacted Charity Begins and helped by making deliveries to developing countries.

Thank you to these amazing supporters who have embraced the concept of and have donated their time and resources to helping make the world a better place.